How, Why and When?


We officially launched 4 Outlets at once in Indore on 8th of May 2016 and became Unicorn and Pioneers and what all you can name in Central India’s Cafe industry. Profitable from day 1 with all out outlets and humongous footfall we became an overnight sensation. From the Youngsters to the Elderly we had every age group enjoying and blessing us. Being pocket friendly we became second home of our customers.

Our tagline back then was “Fill Your Fill” which came up after a decent brainstorming session. We were getting tagged on social media and people in person started calling us their DusraGhar that we changed our tagline from Fill Your Fill to #DusraGhar


Har Prarambh ka ek Prarabdh Hota hai.

Suyash Singh Thakur & Sahil Juneja

Even though we launched in 2016, Chai Kaapi’s seed was already planted in Mahakal Institute of Technology Ujjain, back in 2009 when these 2 really good friends were having a discussion of doing something together after graduation over the canteen’s tea and baked samosa. That’s what they could afford back then. Well, every student goes through this nightmare of less or next to 0 pocket money. That’s why Chai Kaapi is Pocket Friendly.


Now the Question arises why it took so long to launch the brand?

After graduation Suyash went to pursue his MBA and Sahil started earning bread and butter. It took them some years to get the funds in place. FYI, Chai Kaapi is bootstrapped. No external funding was entertained even though a couple of offers were there.

In 2015, They both left their ventures and came together for the Brand they always wanted to make. Chai Kaapi. They had to travel pan India for the R&D. Because of this We procure our Coffee from chikmagalur, tea from assam and Spices from Munnar. It took almost 45 days for them to finalize the things.

Finalizing Kaapi @Coffee Board of India

Both the Directors went to Coffee Board of India multiple Times to make sure that they can learn as much as they can about the Indian Filter Kaapi.

Few trips to Tea Estates were also there and fruitful.

So basically this is how Chai Kaapi started. The 2 individuals and the brand have come a long long way. Learned, Improved, Evolved and Now The Best there is.

The Duo – Founders, Friends, Directors & The Backbone of Chai Kaapi

The Journey Continues..