The menu has been refined and detailed to fit in, the final number of drinks to be served at Chai Kaapi. The menu is simple, easy to understand, informative and gives absolute clarity to everyone visiting Chai Kaapi.
The  menu allows every single dish to shine and give our valued customers a chance to step out of their comfort zones and fulfill their deep dark fantasies.
Though we always get complaints from our customers “Naya menu laao na ye sab to 1000 baar kha liya“. Its not our fault that You guys took the campaign #DusraGhar in a literal sense. Obviously we cant be much happier 🙂

The Chai Menu

Before we begin, please allow us to flaunt that We procure Premium Chai Patti via auctions held in Assam. The Chai section consists of Milk based Kadak and flavoured chais like adrak, elaichi, masala. Since bun maska is the best slider one can get with a chai it is thoughtfully placed just below the Chai section. The speciali teas are the exotic milk based chai flavours that You cannot get on every other cafe.

Green Teas are something which you drink for your satisfaction. For losing fat you gotta pluck the tea leaves yourself from the tea estates though.

Kashmiri Kahwa is as authentic as it can get as we procure it directly from Srinagar, Kashmir.

We also have Kaali dilwali chai. Mast ParleG duba k khana usme.

Bhayankar Thandi Chai is made from freshly brewed premium chai patti which gives the aroma and taste which you get addicted to.

The Meal Section

This section is for the customers who love to have something but at the same time does not want to feel full. Ghar jake biwi k hath ka khana khatam karna bhi jaruri hai.

Maggi is Maggi i mean what is there to explain. Its just the flavours that make it special. Which Chai Kaapi specializes in 😉

Mini Meals. Tasty, almost filling and loved by the families and ladies in kitties.

Biryani – Biryani is basically a dish made with rice, meat and spices. Such a dish known as मांसौदन is mentioned in ancient vedic literature. It is mentioned in Śatapathabrāhmaṇa (11. 5. 7. 5 & 14. 9. 4.17) Pāṇini in his Aṣṭādhyāyī also mentions it at 4. 4.67

FYI, Biryani was mentioned in Mahabharat which was written even before the 1st Mughal was born. Letting You know in case you think those inhuman invaders bought it to Bharat.

Since we have a vegetarian menu, and we love to innovate, we removed the meat and replaced it with french fries. Yes french fries. Just look for the customer reviews. They all love it!

Nachos – Since the packets of potato chips contains air more than chips, we use nachos. And its Mexican too. So looks cool.

Coolers – Cool Beverages for the summers.
Slush – Barfila Toofan – Like its name, the base is ice and is served using different flavours.
Burgers & Sandwiches – Every item listed is very different in taste from each other. You cant get enough of these!

Pasta – Our Hot selling product. Our customers literally drool over the white sauce pasta.

Garlic Breads – You will not find anything similar to our Chilli Garlic Cheese Toast. Its THE BEST!

Fries, Pizzas, Momos – You’ll love each and every item listed here. Our Pan Tossed momos are spicy yet tasty. Must try!

The Kaapi Section

Kaapi – We serve Authentic Filter Kaapi procured from the estates of Chikmagalur, Karnataka. Your daily caffeine hit cant get better than this premium filter kaapi.

Bhankayar Thandi Kaapi – Our Cold Coffees are made from our authentic filter coffee decoction hence the name Thandi Kaapi. We bet you haven’t tasted such brain freezers before.

Shakes Smoothies – Well, cant get any better. Our wide range of cold beverages is something our customers are addicted to.

To Conclude, Its the Menu, The star is the hook which holds together the Brand and the Customers together!