Detailed guide on How to start a small coffee shop in India?

You want to enter the food industry but are tight on budget or want to start small for whatsoever reason? Wondering how to start a small coffee shop? We have this covered for you.

Once you enter, you will get a glimpse of the industry and won’t have much to lose.

There are so many examples of people starting from small and making it big with the hard work and dedication.

There are multiple structures if you want to start a small coffee shop.

  1. Food Truck
  2. Coffee on wheels. Something like the old kulfi vendors on tricycles.
  3. Kiosks with low rentals.

You’ll need a good coffee machine to deliver a great product. Or you’ll need great marketing when you’ll be delivering a below average product with a machine like this. It’s a big NO NO!!

We will be going with a good machine and a great product.

Get yourself an Astoria or Lavazza machine with good quality coffee beans.

Learn the art of making a good cup of coffee. You can learn all this for free from YouTube and Facebook groups.

To start a coffee shop you need the following –

  1. A good location
  2. A good coffee machine and coffee beans
  3. Branding
  4. Marketing
  5. Some side items like a cheese cake or something that compliments coffee like a brownie.

1st and 2nd point are the backbones. Rest all can still be managed sooner or later.

How to select a good location for a restaurant or a cafe is covered here in this post.