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Welcome To The Chai Kaapi

Chai Kaapi was conceptualized with a vision of creating a utopian space, a space free of all inhibitions, a space that inspires one to write, sing, recite, create, talk, a space that invigorates the feeling in oneself to get out there and do something, a space that allows one to create its own space within the space, a space that becomes the melting pot of ideas, a space where people come and have discourse and most importantly a space where anyone and everyone could come and have a good cup of Chai or Kaapi.
The Journey: Three friends went on a journey all over to India to understand the café culture by visiting the best of cafes across the country, the various cuisines by exploring all the little streets, the hospitality by staying in the best properties, the art of tea & coffee by visiting tea farms in Siliguri and learning Kaapi Shastra in the fields of Chikmagalur. They were driven by the purpose of creating a space free from all inhibitions, where one could sit for hours and work, talk, network, interact and have fun while sipping the best of chai and kaapi.


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What Happens Here
Kadak Chai
₹ 60.00

There's a great deal of poetry and sentiment in a chest of tea

Lemon Green Tea
₹ 60.00

Healthy Tea, Healthy Life.

CK Nimbu Paani
₹ 80.00

Nimbu pani: beat the blues out of summer.

Sultan's Kaapi
₹ 40.00

Good ideas start with thinking, great ideas start with coffee.

Thandi Kaapi
₹ 100.00

Chilled coffee? Chilled mind.

₹ 80.00

Nothing calms your soul like a slush on a busy day


The blends, secret recipes & subtle touches help us serve you the kind of coffee, that will get your tastebuds discover love all over again.

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What are we known for?


We're known for the most co-working friendly, comfortable, peaceful and vibrant ambience there can be.


The most productive, certified and professionally acclaimed events of the city are conducted at Chai Kaapi. Stay tuned for the same.

Dusra Ghar

Meet up a friend? Or sit in peace? Or meet some for some business or job work? Or just work in your own solitude? Yes we are the "Dusra Ghar"

Chai & Filter Kaapi

Ohh you wouldn't want to travel to Ooty or the best of hill stations or even Ethiopia for the best teas & filter coffees, just make a visit at the nearest Chai Kaapi Store!


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