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How, Why and When?

When? We officially launched 4 Outlets at once in Indore on 8th of May 2016 and became Unicorn and Pioneers and what all you can name in Central India’s Cafe industry. Profitable from day 1 with all out outlets and humongous footfall we became an overnight sensation. From the Youngsters to the Elderly we had […]

First wave vs second wave vs third wave of coffee Although there have been many changes in coffee trends throughout history, the last few decades have seen significant expansion and innovation of the industry on a global scale. We’re going to concentrate on three recent developments in coffee experience—trends, movements, or—more commonly—”waves”—for this blog. Without […]

You want to enter the food industry but are tight on budget or want to start small for whatsoever reason? Wondering how to start a small coffee shop? We have this covered for you. Once you enter, you will get a glimpse of the industry and won’t have much to lose. There are so many examples […]